Buddleja varieties

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    Can someone point me to definitive discussion of varieties of Buddleia? I have three varieties growing in my Christchurch garden and each is quite different.
    For instance the “Summer Lilac” flowers here February thru April. The Davidii var. I have flowering now has a wonderful and very strong fragrance that wafts all over our property, lovely. It has been flowering since early August (Christchurch Time!). Really helpful to some very LARGE bumble bees that have been dining on it. Finches and Wax-eyes have also been enjoying this late Winter dining experience!!

    I have also a ‘Snow-Ball” variety, due early summer.

    Buddleia seem to be fixated on “Davidii” but there are different names, & seasons and descriptions making the whole subject rather confusing and inaccurate.

    Your knowledge will be appreciated. Thanks. Barry P.

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    Thank you Matt.
    The link is most helpful – being NZ-Aus knowledge point.

    I guess it is the B. salviifolia that I have. Again, Thank you.
    I must somehow organize my brain to know this info!!
    I Have the Globosa to come out later, an the Summer Lilac later.

    Regards. Barry P.



    In the golf course over my back fence there is a Buddleia salviifolia Bush that is in flower for a while now and.ery fragrant with lavender coloured flowers that the monarchs and other butterflies have been nectaring on over winter.



    Hi Barry,
    I see no one has replied to your question, I don’t know if this is any use to you but this is the best I an find when I search the Web.

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