Building a butterfly house

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    About ten-twelve years ago I bought a kitset from The Warehouse which has been the basics for my butterfly house ever since. Two or three other friends bought the same kitset, and as theirs ended their lives, I gathered up the leftovers as spares for mine.

    However, mine is now at the end of its life. I have a temporary door, temporary poles. And the equivalent available from The Warehouse is not as good. The original had a net cover and an optional clear plastic cover. Now the kitsets have one cover which is net and laminated plastic, so would be too hot for the butterflies.

    I have been looking around for other options and I came across this very useful booklet put out by Monarch Zones in the USA.

    Monarch Zones is an initiative of a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where they raise thousands of monarchs every year. In 2016 they raised over 13,000 monarchs. Their goal is to begin the restoration of monarch populations.

    They offer 4’x4’, 6’x6’, 8’x8’, and 12’x12’ enclosures. The 4’x4’ size is a cube made by Gardeners Company. Their new, custom-made 6’x6’x6.5’ enclosure resembles
    a small tent with a peak roof. The 8’x8’ and 12’x12’ hoop enclosures are
    manufactured by Monarch Zones, made with lightweight aluminum and very
    fine screening. Check out more in this useful booklet

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    We had the frame from a hothouse … used to have a plastic cover but the Welly wind bowled in less than a day 🙂 we covered it with netting and it serves the purpose. There are plenty of variable size and pretty cheap plastic covered hothouses on TM.

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