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    Julia de Carvalho

    I live in Otahuhu Sea Side in Auckland and I have raised since November 2016 to date around 200+ butterflies, 75 were tagged successfully but my last 20 to 30 butterflies are dying. I am terribly worried and stressed. For over a month now they hatch from their chrysalis beautifully, became fully grown but after 3 to 4 hours they start falling off, the flapping of the wings is uncontrolled, hardly can take off, they became so stress flapping their wings that they brake them. I have tried everything that I know off to improve their environment. Any idea what is going on and what I can do so they don’t die? Thanks Julia

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    It must be heartbreaking for you, Julia.

    Is there anyone else that can survey your situation – look at what is going on, so that perhaps they see something you’ve missed?

    I would suspect pesticide damage – but what? Flea collars on pets?

    Where are they being raised? Indoors or outdoors?

    Plug-in fly or insect controls? Neighbours? Would need to see where you have them – only you have an idea as to how close they are to neighbours etc. What has changed since you were releasing successfully?

    If you scroll through old posts here you’ll find a post by Vicki Steele, quite a long time ago – she found that the so-called pesticide-free plants she bought had in fact been sprayed by a cocktail of different sprays. Her butterflies had the same symptoms as yours.

    If you have time, please go back through the forum posts and find that one, it may be of help in analysing the situation -but of course won’t be of any use to those butterflies. How many more do you have to emerge this season? You might want to stop and really freshen up where you raise them, sterilise everything you can and start again in the new season.

    Sorry I can’t be of much more help.

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