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    Finally was able to log in to the Forum – I kept getting the message:-

    “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.”
    Not sure what happened there.

    Up until the last couple of weeks there have been many butterflies over-wintering in Dominion Park, Hamilton. Then we noticed that the numbers were down. Initially we thought it was because we were visiting a bit later in the morning & maybe they had flown for the day. But no, we visited in the fog this am & there were about 5 to be seen. Then late this pm when they would normally be there I counted 6. Our weather hasn’t been too cold or wet, & up until a fortnight ago we saw quite a few in our garden during the day, but not over the last 3 days which have been mild& sunny

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    This week in Dominion Park there were quite a few Monarchs flying around, more than we have seen for quite a while, & about a dozen still on the trees

    A bit early I would have thought……..



    Interesting, Di. Quite often they proceed on to a larger, main overwintering site – so I guess this is what has happened here. Wish I knew where those sites were!!!

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if we found an overwintering site similar to what they have in Mexico???

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