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    As an enthuthiastic Monarch wannabe,I yet still have not learnt what a monarch egg looks like?

    I have infestations of the yellow aphid,and want to get rid of them,after reading as much as I can on the forums,I still am unsure if I am killing the catapillars in my endevours to rid the aphids.

    The soapy water spray seems to rid or kill the aphids as does hosing down,but how do I assertain where not to spray,as there are no photos of monarch eggs to relate to?

    I think there are a lot out there like me who want to help,but there is no nursery guide to work from.Do we pick known catapillars off the plant and spray? how long after a monarch is laying eggs as to when they appear? what are the recomendations for raising cats,ie how much food will they need and can they suffercate in a 2 litre container?what is best? some guideance or reference would be great.

    Much thanks

    Brian T

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    Much thanks

    Cats seem to be thriving now I have hosed down the plant,took as many as I could off beforeĀ  cleaning,

    and now built an aviery for them so should have some results at last.





    You can raise Monarch caterpillars in a shoebox or similar. There is plenty of information about here – just takes a while reading it, Brian. Also, download the information on aphids under Pests. That will be helpful for you.

    Another thought – click on any of those “hot tags” to the right of this post (green background) as they will give you more information.

    Hope that helps.




    Brian, See this page for egg photos. Once you know what you are looking for you will see them easily but not the newly born caterpillars, they are really small.



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