Butterfly flight

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    There was a contest in the SUMMER Magazine about this very topic!

    BACKGROUND TO THE CASE: as an official flying instructor, Captain Flutters should have known how many times a second a butterfly flaps its wings but she simply cannot remember. She knows that flies flap their wings around 200 times a second and mosquitoes flap at over a thousand flaps a second but butterflies aren’t in such a hurry to get where they are going. They flap a lot slower she is sure, but what exactly is their flap-ability?
    Captain Flutters simply cannot remember.

    But if she is going to teach her students how to wiggle and waggle properly – so they don’t get eaten as they fly through the air – she must find out. She can’t ask another butterfly though, in case the Queen Bee finds out and she loses her job. So Captain Flutters has asked Inspector Insector to put his Insect Investigators on the case.

    INVESTIGATION REQUIRED: All Insect Investigators are instructed to find out how many time a second a butterfly flaps its wings and email their answer to Inspector Insector: earthlore3@gmail.com

    Here’s a clue… check out our website, https://www.monarch.org.nz/forum

    REWARD OFFERED: All Insect Investigators who email Inspector Insector with the correct answer will go in the draw to win a beautiful book from Scholastic New Zealand.

    Be in QUICK, as I don’t think anyone has got the answer right yet. PS The contest is for CHILDREN.




    Here’s some more, featuring monarch butterflies.

    Monarch Flight

    Monarch butterfly flight



    Absolutely amazing, thanks for that Jacqui.

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