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    Hello Everyone,

    We live in Auckland and have a small butterfly group which meets (usually) every month at a members place.
    If you live in Auckland and would like to come along and chat to other mad butterfly lovers, we would love to have you.

    Our meeting will be in Blockhouse Bay this Saturday 14th November from 1pm – 4pm.
    You can email us at westaucklandflutterbyes@gmail.com to obtain the address.
    This meeting we’re discussing collecting the eggs from the swan plants, and raising your caterpillars indoors, also learning to glue a chrysalis to toothpicks.

    We have plenty of Buddleias in our gardens, however the dreaded weevil has arrived and attacking the leaves like crazy.
    Any suggestions on what to spray on the leaves, as the last thing we want is for the weevil to eat the flowers 🙁 then the butterflies would have no flowers.
    Would love to hear your thoughts.


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    Thanks ladies 🙂



    Only solution I found was to examine the leaves, squish every yellow (young?) blob and then look for the dark brown (adults?) weavils and squish them. Then you get a break for awhile and then start again. They seems to stop coming here when it gets hotter and then come back in Autumn.



    Have tried dish washing soap and water sprayed onto the leaves. This works well with aphids but not we don’t have weavils here so don’t know if it will work for them. It washes off easily so won’t harm butterflys. Try a small area and see what happens.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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