Butterfly netting

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    Bron and Camryn

    Is it possible to buy butterfly netting (say like you would buy a roll of fabric)? In the video below the guy is using something like this.

    I drill holes in my container lids with a bench mounted drill but would like to experiment with netting.

    I notice too that normal netting (like you get for tutus and food covers) is very hard on butterfly feet.

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    Bron and Camryn

    Thanks Barry. I am going to purchase some castles for chrysalises and butterflies definitely.



    There are various grades of wind cloth, Frost cloth, available on bolts / rolls.
    There are metal tripods & poly pods frames for plant/ flower constraining & climbing. Pantyhose & similar or the cloths above could be wrapped over that.
    The Caterpillar castles are good – in three sizes.
    Barry P. in Christchurch.


    Bron and Camryn

    Thanks guys. I’ll look into these. 🙂



    If you can, get down to Te Puna Quarry Park and see the butterfly house that Mary and Norm have got there… they have put a lot of thought into the planning, building and materials used.



    I have used frost cloth and it works fine.

    Good luck

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