Butterfly release Christchurch Feb 18th

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    Richard Rowe

    As Christchurch Butterfly Day is just under a month away, members and friends of the Trust etc in Christchurch, can you please save butterflies for our big release on the day.
    The best way I have found to do this that seems the most humane is to hang your chrysalises inside. When they hatch put them in a box covered so it is dark and cool, and store in a cool place.
    This will keep them inactive and dormant. Bring them out into the warm, sunny space (caterpillar castle?) every 2-3 days for them to nectar.
    Ideally we can give people the most enjoyment if we have a large number of boxes for groups of people to release

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    We have heaps of chrysallises inside and about to go on holiday you are welcome to get them. 021 2504967 in Merivale. Also needing to find homes for dozens of caterpillars as well.

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