Butterfly sightings to 5 July 2018

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    Hi folks

    I have isolated these reports of sightings 50-100 and 100-1000 for you to go through. I am time-short so can’t spend any more time on analysis but if you look at the pdf and then search using the search function for some of the key words, you will be able to find the actual report when it was made (not that it will give you any more data).

    Note that not all of these are large numbers of monarch butterflies but some people have used the report to note large numbers of monarch caterpillars. If I had time I would eliminate these but…

    Report as at 5 July 2018

    To search hold down CTRL and tap F, then enter your search term, e.g. Porirua. Porirua actually comes up 20 times in the last 13 years.

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    Hello Blake, Great progress in Porirua by the Council and people like yourself. You speak of the overwinter site of 2 years ago. If it’s the same one I know of the butterflies had used it as an over winter site for more than 46 years. I visited and saw hundreds. Then the next winter I paid a visit at 3 different times and saw not one butterfly there which was alarming. I did see a sign that the Council was laying baits so that may have been the reason the butterflies abandoned it. I will pay a visit shortly after I return from Sydney. I will share the exact location with you in a private manner not on a public website. Caryl


    rob cooper

    hi jaqui this site to old needs to be updated so people can follow better put up pictures and stuff


    Blake in Porirua

    Brilliant! Thanks for that hard work going through data Jacqui!
    I still can’t believe that the new butterfly walkway has been established just 1km down the road from Papakowhai reserve! I asked council garden manager if he knew of overwintering sites and no-one has seen any. Yet the place I chose to let most of mine go happened to be directly next to an overwintering site seen 2 yrs ago. And I’m completly new to the Porirua area, and to growing swan plants and monarch farming.

    I also note large numbers seen in the Wellington northern suburbs of Tawa and Khandallah (my home 1980- 2016) too. I might let some out in Tawa next season as it’s less than 10km away.

    Here’s hoping there’s not too much hail left to come though. How do butterflies survive that?!!

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