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    Email received from Derrick Mills in Napier

    In the past weeks since my last reported sighting I have kept a daily note of sightings of monarchs and found that each day (unless it’s raining heavily ) if I am outside for upwards of thirty minutes I will have seen at least one butterfly. It is obvious that monarchs are thriving in Napier. Just yesterday (sunny and warm) in a ten minute period I saw five separate sightings of monarchs and in one sighting two butterflies were performing what I assume was some sort of mating ritual while on the wing. Unless I observe anything of extreme significance I shall refrain from further communication.


    Derrick J. Mills, Napier

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    Email received from Devonport:

    Hi Jacqui we seem to have the butterflys all year not as many as summer of
    course but a fair few.
    We have swan plants that survive year arter year and of course they reseed.
    They are flowering now so if you want seeds
    you are welcome.

    Janet M

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