Butterfly with bent wings

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    Linda TOCKER

    I have a butterfly that hatched today but quickly saw that it could not fly. I have watched it since I found it but one top wing will not fully flatten out. It is moving around, attempts to fly but crashes, it can flexing its wings. Can I do anything to assist this butterfly to recover? I am presuming it has come out of its chrysalis like this. Can I feed the butterfly anything while it is trying to straighten its wing to help it?

    Any tips or ideas will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Linda

    Sadly the wing will never fix itself. If you look at the FAQ you will see that some people have tried replacing the wing, but it is labour intensive and you have to ask yourself: is it worth the investment in time and materials?

    If every Monarch butterfly was to succeed, then we would become overrun with Monarchs. Some are destined to become food for other species – whether it is wasps, or the shining cuckoo or praying mantises – or even the soil.

    You might want to euthanase it, by putting it into the deep freeze.

    Hope this helps, Linda.


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