Butterfly with chrysalis shell stuck to body

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    Hi Jacqui and all others. I have a new butterfly which emerged about 12 hours ago. I noticed it had trouble fanning it’s wings like normal. And when I took him outside he couldn’t fly. On closer inspection parts of the chrysalis were forming a thick band around its mid section. I.e. the bit where the gold dotted rim was still stuck around it. We managed to get a tiny pair of cuticle scissors to cut the band. I tried to give it a little tug, but it seems to be stuck fast to his body. There was a bit of fluid at this point. He can move his wings more freely now, so I’m hoping he’ll recover from the shock overnight. Have you had this happen before and do you have any recommendations on what to do?

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    Hi Trez_a – good on you for being so caring about this individual.

    The weaker specimens tend to have trouble exiting their pupal shell and often end up being deformed. I had one this morning which I had to help by removing part of the shell.

    Usually it’s because they have caught some sort of disease or infection at some point. There are some nasties out there, even in the world of miniatures.



    Update, he survived the night. He fell off his flowers at some point though and I found him lying on the floor of his enclosure, I thought I’d lost him. He perked up after a long drink of honey water so I’m hopeful he’ll be o.k. Out of interest, he took a lot longer to break through his chrysalis than normal. All my other releases have turned black and red, then emerged within 24 hours. This little guy was black and red for 2-3 days. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

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