Can a monarch with bent wings be saved?

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    Rachy babe

    I just found a male monarch with bent wings, he can fly but not far, they aren’t that bad just an upside down ‘L’ shape on each wing as if they have been bent down on both sides- can post a photo if that would help? (it’s kind of hard to describe) Is it possible to save him/bend his wings back into shape?

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    Just reporting my female died this afternoon, I am certain from OE after doing research and studying her body closely.



    I have quite often trimmed off the leading edges of the forewings, making sure that I round the tips AND do both forewings the same (trim both forewings while they’re together).



    Hi Rachy babe, I have just tagged a female I found in the garden with a bent wing. I know monarchs can fly with either 40% or 60% of their wings intact meaning they can be trimmed. What is your male doing? I am going to research further and think I will go ahead and trim her wings.

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