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    Many people are commenting/phoning/emailing etc that they’re having problems "logging in". I hope that this will answer a few queries:

    1. If you have taken out an email subscription to the newsletter, please note that the newsletter is password-protected and you will have that password on your receipt. It is NOT the same password as your own personal password. To access the newsletter go to Members, then Members’ newsletters etc and enter the password (on your receipt) when asked to do so. The pdf will then download.

    2. Your own registration login name and password are to be used for the forum and tagging and transects. When you register you will receive an email that has your password in it, something like gwLK%*Xb?321T. Immediately login, cutting and pasting the password, and change it to something much easier to remember – perhaps a word you already use, if you like, that is easy to remember.

    3. If you’re having problems, please could you help us get through this stage of trying to defeat the spammers and get this system working for everyone – whether they’re new to computers or have a degree in IT. Here’s some notes written a few years ago which will help us help you.

    You can send your email to either or or – best – both!

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    Most of the problems I am seeing from users inside the system seem to have occurred at the “change the password” point.

    Could I suggest that new users don’t be in a hurry to change the password. Its a good strong password. I am investigating letting users pick their own password right at the start, but until I get that working just try logging in and logging out with the original password. Once you have confirmed that the original password works fine then feel free to change it.

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