Caterpillar death?


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    So I live in Florida and I got a caterpillar from outside. I tried putting leaves from where I got it from. The same plants I saw around. I have it in a plastic container with holes at the top. I put daily leaves and the past two days it started to really move over night to where I could hear it. I come home from work toda my and the caterpillar has shrunk and is not moving. I did notice that there was some silk at the bottom of the container but I’m not sure what that means. Could the caterpillar be turning into a pupa? Or is it dead? I need some help please cause I don’t know anything about it.

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    Hello to you in Florida. Sorry, I’ve just picked up your post!

    Just so you know, for next time, if there is one, it’s important to be able to ID the species because then you can provide its host plant – the food that the caterpillar needs to eat. Some species go away from their host plant when they need to change their skin.

    There are plenty of website where you can identify caterpillars. And you have so many species of butterfly in North America that we would possibly be unable to identify it.

    Thanks for posting here. And good luck with your efforts at saving our butterflies.

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