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    Hi everyone.

    I have wound up with way too many caterpillars, literally hundreds. Poor plants are all but stripped. I’d be happy to drop off to anyone in Whangarei who can give them a home (as many as you’d like).

    Is there a way to ship caterpillars? If yes, also happy to post.

    Will have to start euthanasing tomorrow unfortunately.


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    Hi Sally, I am going to be in Whangarei on Saturday if you are interested in about a dozen well grown (9-10 inch high) swan plants in coffee cups. I probably have about 1000 volunteers around the place thanks to the strong winds we had and when they first started appearing I was digging them up and potting them into the coffee cups. I had a heap more, but ended up digging a shallow hole, sitting the coffee cups in there, and covering the lot with potting soil, job done! Until the chickens jumped the damn fence and dug them all up again! So these coffee cups are going begging! If you want them, email me on nola@ubernet dot co dot nz to arrange a time and place. Also, if you want more, you are welcome to come out to Waiotira and dig them up out of the ground, there’s plenty there!



    Going well. 160 caterpillars re-homed between 3 places today plus I came home with a few branches to tie the rest over until tomorrow.

    Tomorrow delivering another 40 and have been offered 10 small plants. Really wonderful.

    So, will be able to hang on a little while longer. Still plenty available for people who would like them!

    Thanks everyone.



    Thank you for the replys :).

    Elizabeth, email is in the post…



    I’ve had one reply from a neighbour who has lots of swan plants but no caterpillars. He would like some please. He says he’ll be in town tomorrow morning, if that’s where they are. Perhaps the best is if you email me and I can give you his details:



    There are lots of plants growing wild down towards Whangarei Heads. Why not take them down there and leave them on the wild plants if no-one makes an offer?



    Have you thought of taking them to the Quarry Gardens where there should be lots of swan plants? That’s my only suggestion, as schools( which often want them to raise butterflies with the kids) aren’t back yet. I’ll ask other people in Whangarei, who might be interested too.

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