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    I have so many caterpillars who have almost eaten 40+ plants. Multiple female butterflies lay their eggs daily! Whilst I am sourcing more plants is there anyone near where I live who could take some? I prefer that person to monitor them rather than simply leave them in the garden. Email me on or txt me on 027  8426773

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    Hi Katrina

    It’s new homes for my caterpillars I need urgently. I have visited some nurseries today with limited plants and certainly not ones with much foliage on. I suspect I now have few eggs since most of the leaves are eaten. A shame since i have been visited by multiple female butterflies every day. I’m glad you are obsessive. So am I! Thanks for your interest. Caryl



    HI Caryl, If you can collect the eggs I would happily raise them indoors if you would be prepared to send them to me in Dunedin ?? (under my close, almost verging on obsessive supervision!)

    Also, re. sourcing plants.  I found that (at least here in Dunedin) Mitre 10 mega are a great source of swan plants.  They have the (giant?) swan plants with lots of foliage and often two or three stalks in a pot for $4.50 each of $8  for two (they are about 0.75m tall) .  Others place sell “feeder” plants for $3 but they are much much smaller with smaller leaves too.

    Warm regards

    Katrina 🙂

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