Caterpillars Dying 😥 😥 😥

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    Hi guys! So today I have had around 5/6 caterpillars either fall off the swan plant and die or die on the leaf 😥 they were varying sizes but mostly larger. I originally had 3 plants which they fed on and then yesterday bought two more (from a different supplier) and today had the deaths. Not sure if it was too hot in chch today or it was something else??? The plants are up against a fence in the shadiest part of my garden and then covered with green garden mesh/ cover (so that no more eggs were layed. The plants are well watered and all caterpillars were happily feeding last night. Two have formed into the J and others are still eating etc, just wondering if anyone may know the cause of the deaths?
    The dead caterpillars turned quite dark and had fallen on the cloth on the ground and one was hanging on the leaf but dead 😥
    Help please!!! I’d hate for more to die or if im doing something wrong

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    Oh Roo! You must be very sad.

    Did you transfer the caterpillars or let them transfer themselves? Always best to let them move over themselves – the cardenolides in the “milk” (latex) could be at different levels from one plant to the other.

    There are some other tips here which I hope will help you, Roo.


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