Caterpillars eating hebes?

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    Hi, we had some success with breeding monarchs last year, and put our swan plants into the garden. Have been checking for caterpillars, but hadn’t seen any. Then went away for a couple of weeks and just come back to a few cats on the quite large swan plants … but also had three Koromiko/hebe cuttings that I had planted around 5m from the swan plants that were started to grow that are now just sticks. The culprits, 3 monarch caterpillars on the end of one of them looking guilty. I moved them to the swan plants. I have heard that if cats don’t start life on swan plants that they may be deformed when they turn into butterflies. Has anyone else had this experience? How did the caterpillars turn out?

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    Hi Citronella

    I have never heard of monarch larvae eating Hebes. Are you absolutely sure that the cuttings are/were Hebes?

    I would be willing to put money on it that the monarch caterpillars didn’t eat Hebes!


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