Caterpillars fail to change to pupae

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    I was very excited to have my own plant and some caterpillars this year and become a watcher of the whole process.

    Unfortunately the caterpillars which hatched never made it into a pupae(spell?). They just wandered around and never actually settled and did the deed so to speak.

    I have found them all dead outside.

    Do you think it was too cold in Taupo? Somethng else wrong?

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    Hi all

    There are some great photographs loaded yesterday of that very bug.

    Predator having dinner 14 03 09


    Jean Stanley

    I live at Pukawa Bay on the western side of the Lake Taupo where the nights have been down to 5 degrees. Your problem may not be the cold but the Brown Soldier Bug –a beetle actually like the vegetable beetle in appearance but brown.
    They suck the juice from the caterpillars leaving them hanging limp from the bush. I check my caterpillars several times a day and if I see the beetle squash it as it doesn’t seem to fly away,–probably too full of juice!. I have my first hanging caterpillar at which stage I bring them inside for safety. Hope this helps Jean Stanley



    Hi Sarah,
    I live in Tokoroa and over the last week we have had some wickedly low temps at night. We also have had a few failures here. Cats getting into J then trying to turn and dying half way even cats just dropping dead.
    My suggestion is that with the cold temps this is going to be the main cause for you unfortunate deaths. They are suseptable ? (Spelling) to extreme changes in cold
    Hope this helps



    Mmm, perhaps your plant had been sprayed? Or they have been attacked by wasps, ants, mantis?
    If you use the search (top right of the page) you will find previous discussions about this and maybe narrow down your problem.

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