Caterpillars in Cambridge

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    I am about to run out of food for my caterpillars, anyone wanting caterpillars is very welcome to come and adopt some.

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    Hi there,
    I hesitate to offer a foster home at the moment, even though I have plenty of tucker.
    I’m afraid that I have the ‘Bermuda triangle’ for caterpillars in my garden. One morning last week I transferred 8 pillars from a potted plant that was intended for late season emergency rations, to plants in the garden. Later in the afternoon I checked on them and couldn’t find a one. The biggest was about 40mm, the others not much smaller. Since then, when I’m home, I check every hour or so with my $3 net from the $2 Dollar shop and have lowered the wasp population by 20 or so. All I could find were 2 black stains on 2 leaves, that I believe was all that was left of the pillars.
    I felt that I might just as well have squished them with my fingers rather than put them in the garden. So, until the wasps diet changes (and I hope soon!) caterpillars are not safe in my garden. When that does happen. there will be an explosion of pillar numbers because of the large number of butterflies that are visiting. I’m expecting the tucker to vanish quick-time. Apologies for my reluctance to help at the moment.



    Hello Rachel

    I have had a reply by email. Please contact me on 0274 814 811 or 09 403 8543 or



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