Caterpillars to give away WELLINGTON

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    I have too many caterpillars and not enough swan plants. Some are very tiny, others are large. I’m in Berhampore, Wellington. Please call or text me to arrange a time to pick some up – 02102680026.

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    I have eggs to spare too, if anyone wants to email me,





    Hi Narelle, I have been in the same situation in Seatoun and thankfully 2 kind souls adopted some of mine. I did need to resort to feeding them cucumber to keep them alive. I believe that even the young cats will successfully go on to make chrysalises unlike if they were fed pumpkin. Only more mature cats will successfully make their chrysalis on pumpkin. I knew I was going to be inundated with cats so I took action before it happened and sent 350 eggs to contacts in Gore whose spring has been a warm one. Now I have no eggs as the young cats ate them all. If you have spare eggs I do have someone who wants some. Txt me on 027 8426773 if this is the case.
    Best wishes. Caryl

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