Caterpillers dying

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    Hi there,

    This year I decided to give rasing some butterflies a go. Everything had been going well up until a week ago. One of my caterpillers started to half “hang” off my swan plant leaf, it almost looked as if he was getting ready to pupate but was much too small and subsequently died. Since then, 2 other caterpillers have followed suit. The first sign I noticed was the caterpiller not moving from its one leaf, then refusing to eat and finally doing “the death hang”.

    Is there something I should or shouldn’t be doing that is causing these wee guys to die? I’m at a loss on what to do

    Thank you

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    I think that sometimes when my caterpillars have a similar problem it is because they have been attacked by a green (or brown) vegetable/shield bug.

    These bugs seem to sort of suck the life out of the caterpillar without leaving any visible evidence…. except a limp lifeless caterpillar.


    rob cooper

    im the death hang whats that mayby ready to go to chrysalis thats what they do hang upside down the make themselves smaller prior to doing that have you raised them before and no there habits



    Hi again

    Welcome to the forum! Just in case you do make contact when I am out, the following would be good to know:

    How long had you been raising monarchs this season? How many plants do you have, caterpillars did you have, butterflies successfully emerged?

    Did anything different occur just over a week ago -just before things changed? Did you buy more plants, for example? If you did make changes, please provide as much detail as possible.

    How many caterpillars do you have at present?

    Whereabouts are you – what region?

    These answers will help give you advice. Also, you might like to read the following which is proving helpful to people raising monarchs for the first time. (especially “Poisoned Monarch Caterpillars”)

    Looking forward to being of help to you.



    I should post a lot of questions here to ask you but it would be easier to talk with you Can you please email me your phone number ?

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