Cats making Js on ground – help please!

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    I have had problems with the latest cats not doing things quite right.  Disapointing after having an almost 100% success rate.  They can’t seem to hang onto the walls/roof of their teranium,  making silk buttons that they fall off when making a chrysalis and have had 2 cats curl up on the ground waiting to make a chrysalis.  One did really well making one yesterday while horizontal but then  starting oozing clearish green out the top.  We spent ages trying to tie thread with it still wriggling and oozing clear goo but without great success.  If a chrysalis has oozed is it doomed or should I keep it going?  Would hate to produce deformed butterflies! Without the silk button they seem not to be able to seal themselves.  I think it is 2 late for one of them but the other looks like it will try chrysalis today with no silk button on the ground.  Is there anything I can do to help increase its chances of survival.  I don’t know if there is anything I can tie around its back legs to help or if that will make it harder for it.

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    I had a caterpillar that was making a chrysalis and got knocked off by my dogs (it was on the edge of a pot). I wasn’t sure what to do but the caterpillar hadn’t started to shed it’s skin yet so I held it up (gently) to where it had originally made it’s white silky dot and miraculously after me sitting there for a while it started to make some more silky white stuff and reattach itself and later made a perfect chrysalis. I was amazed because I thought it wouldn’t work, I felt like I had to try something to help though. It seemed to know what to do when it was hanging back up in that position again.

    I also have less success with my chrysalises when it gets cooler. This year it has been so far so good though 🙂



    I would think that if the caterpillar has fallen and then started oozing, it probably got injured when it fell, and is doomed (sorry).

    A healthy caterpillar can still form its chrysalis when it’s lying down – not as easily as when it’s hanging, but it can still do it.



    thanks for your advice.  we keep these cats inside so hoped they would do better.  we did clean it with bleach last night so good to know that was a useful thing to have done.  the cats that aren’t doing things right oozed small amount goo when have fallen or make a chysalis on the flat then stopped oozing but i don’t know if this is too late anyway.  i know any oozing isn’t promising but at same time don’t want to go euthanasing if they might make it.  i have separated them tho from the others.



    It sounds as though you may have a build up of bacterial spores, perhaps Oe in your terrarium, if it were me, I’d clear everything out, wash it thoroughly and wipe it down with a weak bleach solution to try to combat it.

    A cat oozing goo  really isn’t going to make it, and for the health of the rest of your cats/chrysalises I think it is advisable to euthanase in the freezer any that are ‘not right’ in the interests of helping stop the spread of the disease.

    My personal idea is to only breed healthy cats/butterflies, any that need too much  human intervention are probably diseased and won’t make it anyway, or will simply spread disease if they do.

    I think at the tail end of the season like this, there are going to be more failures, as conditions are not ideal, and getting less so as the weather cools down, and day length decreases.

    I also remember reading about research they did in the US, where they tested cats for Oe right through the season, and consistently they found that as the season progressed, more and more Oe was present.

    All the best, I hope you get on top of it, but do remember, it is part of the natural process.

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