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    Every year since the MBNZT was formed (13 years ago) we have received several ‘complaints’ from people who have been to their garden centre to buy food for monarch caterpillars and then find their caterpillars dying. It’s not always the fault of the garden centre or the nursery that grew the plants – there are plenty of other reasons – but garden centres are understandably not happy about getting the blame.

    Last year I went on a fact-finding mission around the USA to look at various initiatives to help save the monarch migration. I saw how some garden centres in North America are supporting butterfly-lovers in their efforts to create more habitat for butterflies and pollinators.

    I have been working on ideas how we could adapt their ideas for the benefit of NZ butterfly lovers. This season the MBNZT will be certificating garden centres which meet certain standards and recommending them and their swan plants to our members through our website and social media. You will be confident that you can get caterpillar-safe plants when you visit a certificated garden centre. You will just look out for the “approved as safe for caterpillars” tick! Or you will be able to search on this website to find the nearest certificated garden centre.

    Follow this post for more about this idea… and don’t forget to look after your swan plants so that they can host more caterpillars this coming season, and/or plant seeds as soon as you can so you have plenty of food when the monarchs return.

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    hi Fiona

    Could you please email me the conact information for the nurseries you use so I can tell them more about it? Also, I will be talking about the concept on Radio live this Sunday at 7.30am.

    Yes, as we get a bit closer to when swan plants go on sale again, we will be talking to other garden centres and of course publicising it widely.

    Cheers and thanks




    What a great process! Here’s to it taking hold here!
    The spray free nurseries where I live are very proud of their status.
    A tangible way to publicise this would be a great way to advertise the fact and let buyers/gardeners know.

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