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    Hi all, a big thank you to those who sent eggs, caterpillars and pupa to the numerous “care-givers” here in Chch over last summer.
    Anybody interested in helping with a “count-up” are asked to email numbers and locations to Bruce at So far there are about 600 clustering in Saint James’s Park. There are only about 30 in Abberley Park, these well down on previous years. Any others seen?
    03 3552851

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    Gail Beukes

    I brought my potted swan plant inside from the severe cold a few weeks ago which still had a few chrysalis hanging on, today I see the one is almost ready to emerge. Should I take to Abberley Park where I read on this site they are overwintering. Is this right? Gail



    I was in Centennial park a few weeks ago and there were hundreds of butterflies in the Eucalyptus trees next to the playground. If I get back there, I’ll do a count and email the results.



    Denise, Bruce… I do hope that these sightings are being reported in to the database where the information you’re storing is able to be retrieved in a measurable way. Nothing wrong with you collecting it yourself of course, but it is so much more meaningful if it can be measured by the science community.

    It’s dead easy – just go to this link here:



    Sorry, must have looked with my bad eye. You r right Denise, Abberley Park 600 and St James Park about 30. Both on Wednesday 29th May 2013. Cross eyed Bruce.


    denise marshall

    Sorry Bruce but its the other way round, it’s Abberley park that has 600, and that was a few weeks ago. Denise

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