Chrysalis and dead caterpillar

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    I have some Milkweed in my yard,and I have seen a lot of caterpillars. It has been about 2 week now that their is this one Chrysalis, and it has completly turned black and its been like that for a few days. I want to know if it is the Black death or something else. I also found a dead caterpillar hanging from some grass and I am not sure what killed that one.

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    I mean for me it is summer, since I am not in the southern hemisphere, but sadly one catepillar had magots and the other I am not sure. Either way today I saw a few tint little carerpillars so that is very exiting, and we also bought 2 other milkweed plants. Then again I guess Nature does its thing.

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    Hello Sky

    There are many reasons why a caterpillar or chrysalis die and they are more prevalent at this time of the year. We don’t know enough about what Causes are except that because it is cold and because there is less sun the caterpillar takes longer to develop and so it is more exposed to disease. As well, pathogens have had all summer to build up their strength.

    By the end of the winter many of the diseases have been killed by the cold and the monarchs are healthier. But then with the warmth of the summer diseases begin to get strong again.

    It is all part of nature! It is not necessarily anything you have done wrong. A female monarch will lay 300 or 500 or possibly 1000 eggs and not every one of them is destined to become a beautiful butterfly. Some are going to become food for predators or parasites or even the pathogens.

    Celebrate the successes and keep up the good work. And thank you for caring

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