Chrysalis gold spots not gold but yellow

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    Good Morning,
    So far I have had 14 chrysalides hatching successfully (3 males) and I have about another dozen hanging.
    I have just had to put one in the freezer due to ant damage.
    I am bringing the rest of my “upside down pop up mesh laundry basket DIY caterpillar castles” into the house until I have sorted out the ant trail nearby.
    I have noticed one of the chrysalides, which is of normal shape and colour doesn’t have the usual gold spots but they are just yellow.
    I have had a look at the website with chrysalides deformities and this does not feature there.
    Is this specimen destined for the freezer or is yellow instead of gold spots OK?

    I would be most grateful for advice.
    Kind regards
    Malin, Christchurch

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    I just checked it right now, and the yellow line and dots did change to gold!



    Oh that’s great news, Malin!! Thank you for helping the monarchs to repopulate your area!!



    Hi Estelle and thank you for asking.
    The yellow spots became gold spots and eventually hatched successfully.
    Our first breeding season has concluded with out last hatchling successfully flying off a few days ago, before the weather turned cold.
    In total we had 50 successful hatchings & releases.We also had one leaky liquid which could not fly, one crumpled wings and one which seemed like glued together by a paper like material; thus 3 which had to go to the freezer.This would be just under 6 % fatality rate, I believe that is acceptable?
    Kind regards,



    What ever became of this yellow dotted chrysalis? Because I have one exactly like it. The trim is yellow not the typical gold.



    Hi again!
    Today the yellow spots are the ordinary , lovely gold appearance.
    Maybe it was a very immature chrysalis and now it has sorted itself out?
    Looking promising so far.Thank you for your help and advice.



    Hi Jacqui,
    Thanks for your reply.Yes, I have rehung it and isolated it.
    I have posted a picture on my instagram

    if that is of any help.



    Hi Malin

    Never heard of this before. Would love to see photos.

    I would isolate this chrysalis if you can and see what eventuates. I have recently isolated 5-6 as I discovered a wasp that typically parasitises newly formed pupae -and instead of a butterfly out pops a wasp (or wasps). If butterflies emerge I will let them go but won’t release any wasps that might eventuate.

    So if you have a small container that you can put that chrysalis in, where it can safely emerge, you might be well advised to do so.

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