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    We have several chrysalis hanging under a small coffee table about 300mm square. Joy is worried that they may have difficulty emerging, spreading their wings and moving out from under the table and is thinking of placing a pot plant under them.

    Surely in the wild they hang under eaves and boards and emerge ok without any help. We rookies would appreciate advice, thanks, Bill

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    Hi belong,

    As long as there is sufficient room under the table there will be no difficulties with spreading their wings, and Ive had dozens and dozens that have been fine, under a cardboard box flap. On the odd occasion one can fall, and I take it this is what your main concern is??? It certainly is one of mine even if only one does fall. They will generally stay on their chrysalis casing for quite some time…even a couple of days, but more likely 4 hours or so until their wings are dry enough. When they are ready to move off they either fly directly from the spot or simply just plonk on the ground then fly off. Anywayz, I’ll offer a few ideas….

    – If Im understanding you right, I wouldnt put a pot plant directly under them other wise that could impede their wings filling out properly if you dont get the distance right, but it depends on whats in the pot plant as to how you could practically utilize this.

    – Just leave them there but put a mirror underneath so’s you can keep an eye on their progress. One caveat…take care that the sun doesnt reflect off it and “fry” something and start a fire!!! It could happen! However if you are in position where you cant watch them…

    – put something along side the chrysalis close enough for them to climb onto but not in any way get in the way of their wings as they need space to fill out. You could cellotape a peice of short string (or similar) along side the chrysalis, say 1cm away …

    – carefully remove the chrysalis’ (plenty of info on this site on how to do this) to a ‘safer’ area where you can more keep an eye on how they are doing.

    If you leave them under the coffee table take care to put some newspaper or something on the carpet or they will stain it with the reddish stuff they excrete when new.


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