Chrysalis has been attacked :(

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    I just had a look to see how my Chrysalises are doing and found the last one made, has been opened and contents eaten by ants. There were ants all over it. Can ants open the Chrysalises? Or would it have been something like a bird or praying mantis? I could see a sort of upside down V near the bottom of the Chrysalis but it had been opened near the top. I’m sooo annoyed. This is the first time it’s happened to me.

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    Jacqui what I saw coming from the Chrysalis when I had a closer look were definitely ants… but man I had a look at that photo and unless you had a close look you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!!



    Hi Renne,
    Probably bird or wind damage, but once opened, the Ants will soon get in & ‘clean up’.

    I’ve had this happen to 1 or 2 in every brood reared.




    I would suspect it was the ants that did the damage, Renee. Possibly, however, the caterpillar didn’t make a successful transition.

    You’re sure they’re ants, and not tiny fly-like wasps? Take a closer look – could it be Pteromalus puparum

    Pteromalus puparum

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