Clusters of tiny weird yellow insect things???

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    Hi there sorry to sound so vague I have recently purchased two swan plants and a caterpillar castle to rear some monarch butterflies with my son (whoLOVES butterflies!!) all of a sudden the top leaves are covered in some weird yellow insects with tiny black legs, im thinking spiders or something?? I have cut the infestations off several times but whatever they are they keep coming back and killing the leaves they are on?? Any one tell me what they are and how to get rid of them ??

    Thanks very much in advance


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    Not sure where you will get a nectar feeder from, but if you plant a few nectar bearing flowers they will love it…even if they are just in pots. Zinnas, daisys, etc, also a real winner at the moment are the Buddleia fallowiana lochinch plants that Bunnings have at the moment. The plants are flowering in the pots at our local Bunnings.


    Ooh and also, can you buy ready made nectar feeders anywhere??? would quite like to encourage the butterflies to stick around our garden once they hatch =)


    Brilliant thank you so much both of you 🙂 now I’ve had a proper look around the site I can’t believe I missed all the info on aphids LOL. We currently have 10 caterpillars munching away on our swan plant so will continue my hand removal of aphids system and once they (the monarchs) have flown the nest so to speak I will try immersing the plants in water 🙂 have also planted some coriander and made a homemade ladybug house to encourage the ladybirds to eat our aphids 🙂



    Oleander aphids, Bernie.

    Susannah – there is lots of information about how to cope with them in the forum, click on the tag to the right “aphids” and read all about them and methods of treatment etc. Also about ladybirds and Aphidius colemani.



    they are an aphid(whose name escapes me at the moment).A bit like greenfly.If your plants are in a pot ,,then you can put them in a bin full of water,,completely covering the leaves for 24 hours.The plants come to no harm but it doesn’t do the yellow bugs much good!If they are planted in the ground,your best bet is to spray them several times with a strong solution of washing up liquid,covering the bugs in lather.Although I live in England ,where milkweeds are not endemic,we even get them here and they only seem to affect my milkweeds and oleanders.

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