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    free seeds

    This is how I like to collect swan plant seeds.
    1, Watch the pods as they turn from green to yellow and white.
    2, Check the pods twice a day and as soon as they split, grab them.
    3,You need to separate the seeds straight away. Even leaving them for a couple of hours with this hot weather. They can go poof into a fluffy ball that can really get up your nose. Also separation is a lot harder.
    4, Carefully pull the pod open and grab the tube of seeds from the bottom of the pod.
    5, Holding the white part with one hand over your siv. Gently squeeze the seeds and they fall off.
    6, Place white bit in plastic bag or rubbish bin.

    Final note, I deal with aphids with a 2 inch paint brush. Just gently brush them off carefully with out losing the caterpillars.

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    And if you think you’re going to miss a day… use a clothespeg to keep them “sealed” until you can get to them.

    And if you have seeds that still have fluff attached, put them into a paper bag with a pebble or two and shake furiously.

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