Common sense pest control

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    I love this post on Facebook:

    “I just have the attitude of tithing 10% of my produce to the insect kingdom. I then watch the dance as the 1st insects make their appearance. Next wave is the one who predate on the 1st wave….and on it goes, all summer. Funny thing though, they never take their full 10% so I’m left with a feeling of abundance. It’s all about balance and remembering we don’t OWN the planet. We share it.”

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    I thought I would add…I have noticed a lot of the little Silver-eyes (Birds) in the garden have been grooming my plants, picking of any aphid, spider, etc that they can find.
    Its one bonus I get from feeding them and the Tui, and Bellbird esp through winter. (I give them sugar water)
    I am hoping they will also keep the numbers of Buddleia weevil down too, as I have noticed there are a few weevils hiding in the tips of the buddleia.



    Just spotted this now, Jacqui…and its great eh?
    Good on you for coming up with all these snippets:)

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