Conservation status NZ butterflies & moths revised

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    Kia ora

    I have just been alerted to a report that the conservation status of NZ lepidoptera has been revised: see for the full article online.

    Here’s a summary: The conservation status of New Zealand Lepidoptera is revised. Forty-nine taxa are Threatened; consisting of 13 that are Nationally Critical, 9 that are Nationally Endangered and 27 that are Nationally Vulnerable taxa. Another 69 taxa are At Risk (16 Declining, 19 Relict and 34 Naturally Uncommon) and 56 taxa are classi?ed as Data Deficient. No New Zealand Lepidoptera can con?dently be considered Extinct. Among the Threatened taxa, 16 are known in shrublands, 13 are in dynamic coastal margins and 13 are in a range of other non-forest habitats. No Threatened moths are known from o?- shore islands and only one is alpine. Over half of all Threatened taxa are con?ned to the eastern South Island of New Zealand. Continued engagement with amateur entomologists is essential to the future conservation of Lepidoptera.

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    Good one, Kate.

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