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    I have been tagging for some years now, delighting in being involved in this tagging project, and feeling that I’m doing my bit for the community and the environment.

    I note that this year there is a cost, albeit small to order tags. I just thought I would pass on that I’m less likely to be tagging in the future as I believe a Citizen science project should not cost.
    If costs are increasing surely this money could be collected in another way.

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    Hello Raymond

    I recall you made a donation in January which was when we were sending pupae to people up and down the country and everything got a bit confusing and if it wasn’t for the entry in the financial accounts I had forgotten about that. PLUS you made a donation the year before as well, so we appreciate your support.

    You will understand that there are some people who order large numbers of tags and then never use them all. This is a wasteful practice so we introduced the nominal charge this year. You can imagine having them printed in the USA (we had once looked at having them done here but no printer could do it) and then shipped here, plus the cost of postage all adds up.

    Please, keep tagging! Just remind us, please, when you have made a donation and you will not be charged again. Or, for anyone who can’t afford to donate, that’s okay too… just be sure that we understand please.



    I agree with desiderata’s comment. It is not the cost but the principle.
    I have donated money to the Monarch trust and will not bother with tagging anymore when my last tags have been used.



    As advised in an e-news, we realise that some people might struggle to pay for the tags even though the cost is only $2 a sheet. But one ‘avid tagger’ made funds available for people who cannot afford to pay. Instead of putting your payment details in the comments, we will accept an explanation as to why no payment has been made

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