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    Diana I have found another great use for your cosy.

    When my females (or males) have emerged and I put them outside, I find the older males are so agressive and carry the poor females (or males) off before they have even had a drink! So I have put the second cosy around 2 of my bloodflowers (that the monarchs SO love) and there they can sit in safety for a few hours unmolested. I read somewhere that if you can keep a monarch in overnight, they are much stronger the next day and can ward off predators better… but I can’t remember where I read this :)

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    Marie Smith

    Hi Gilly,
    Yes indeed! I absolutely agree with you. When I leave my caterpillers to attach and crystallise inside the top of the cosy, when they hatch, I just leave them inside the cosy for 6 to 12 hours, depending on what time of day they hatch and as soon as they show signs of restlessness, I release them. As you so rightly point out, they are safe until they are strong enough to fend for themselves. A great idea to put the cosy over the red flowers that the butterflies so love as a nectar source.

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