Create Butterfly Habitat Course – May 2015

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    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    Hi all,

    I am Dane and live in Browns Bay Auckland.

    I am a Golf Course Turf Manager at a very large golf course on the North Shore. The past five or so years I have extensively investigated in reducing costs and man hours for looking after the golf course.

    I have devised plans that out of play areas are left to grow long and naturalise. We have made great savings and increased the aesthetic look of the golf course.
    long grass

    To make these areas even more interesting I have been playing around with wildflowers and created a couple of areas on the course.

    This summer I will be doing some very large areas where the wildflowers will be mixed with the naturalised area to make large fields of colour and life.

    Couple of years ago we got our first home but the backyard was a mess. Turned it around and I am now on design 3 for the backyard.

    I had a couple of swan plants that grew huge and this year my daughter who is 18 months was very interested in the monarchs. I now have about twenty swan plants in the back garden and growing on some tropical milkweed to fill the garden with colour. I will planting more plants and hacking out more grass to replace with wildflowers. Who wants to mow grass? 🙂

    At the golf course is where I want to do my big projects. I have another twenty swan plants that I have grown up to plant around some of our lakes to increase monarchs around the course. We already have many flying around.

    I look forward to doing the course 🙂

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    Dane Keriboi Hawker

    Hi Michelle,

    Not sure the wildflowers would take under the tree. Ive found pine needles are like a natural weedkiller. Wildflowers are just weeds but colourful ones. I dont worry about the weeds as the wildflowers get thick and overpower most weeds. Your pine could be a Mexican pine? Post up some photos. Pinus ayacahuite

    I took my back lawn and divided into thirds. I only keep one third as a mowable lawn and it is fine fescues. Rest is wildflowers/butterfly plants. I Have no desire to mow a lawn 🙂



    Hi Dane

    I like the idea of having a wildflower patch for the butterflies also. I have a very large type of pine tree (not the radiata one as mine has grown like an umbrella shape with the needles yellowing at the ends) growing on the south side of my property and I am developing an orchard to the north/west of it. Its pine needles act as a great ground cover/mulch so I don’t have to mow a large area around it and it keeps the weeds at bay a bit. I would love to sprinkle some wildflowers under and around this large pine (which has had its lower brunches removed up to about 3-4metres to let the sun get in and make it look a nicer specimen).
    But im a bit worried about how much work there would be keeping the weeds out while getting the flowers established.
    I get that the golf course looks great a bit rugged with the flowers and long grass growing together but im not sure I could tolerate that look in a prime spot in my garden. I may have to try and find a rough area around the section somewhere else only problem is probably not enough sunlight.
    How do you get on mixing your flowers with lawn and other weeds and how much weeding is involved?



    Wow, that’s amazing, Dane and well done. I’m very impressed. That’s gorgeous.

    Well done. I know you’ll enjoy the course and will look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

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