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    Hi Jackie

    I received my tags but unfortunately due my sons mischievous new pup my tags have been damaged. This new pup is suppose to be an outside dog but has sneaked inside and removed my tags and they have ended up outside screwed up.
    I left my tags on a small coffee table (inside the plastic bag) handy for tagging butterflies. I had tagged my first butterfly the day before. I hadn’t even realised my tags were missing as the practice tags and magazines were on the coffee table as well. It was not until I went to get a net from the shed to catch a butterfly that wouldn’t stay still to tag that I saw the small plastic bag at our back door crumpled. A couple of tags were stuck to the plastic the rest are still attached but crumpled with some of the edges lifted from the backing paper they are on.
    Should I still use the ones that are ok or re-order some more. I’m not sure if there is some way of recording that certain numbered tags were damaged there for not used.


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    Hi Michelle

    Please request new tags by logging in and using the form in your profile accessed from the dashboard. Don’t use any damaged tags. But you can use any that have not been damaged.

    With the damaged tag numbers, to get them out of the dropdown menu, just click on SUBMIT. They are never going to show up on a butterfly are they, so no worries.

    Hope that makes sense.

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