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    Hi, quite new to this. Have bred one Monarch so far, still see it in the yard from time to time. My latest Monarch left the swan plant, headed to a hedge, where it sat for a while. When I went to see if it had begun its lifes journey, I found it on the ground minus its head & legs? In the past, I have observed a wasp attacking a white cabbage butterfly, could this have happened to the Monarch?

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    Hi WilfyNZ, a similar thing happened to me last week. I was watching monarchs laying eggs on my swan plants and noticed one wasn’t moving. When I got closer I could see (to my horror) a praying mantis had it and had eaten the monarch’s head and part of it’s abdomen. I wonder if this is another possibility.



    Hello Wolfynz – are you sure it’s the same monarch? Could it be that your one has flown away, and what you’ve found is another older monarch that has died, and slugs and snails, rats, mice or hedgehogs etc have eaten the head and the legs?

    We are told that there are no birds that eat them in NZ except for the shining cuckoo.

    It seems a bit strange to me… You can tell an old monarch from a new one as they are browner rather than orange and often have creases in their wings, patches where the scales have rubbed right off and other wing damage.

    Anyway… I guess we’ll never know. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of them.



    rob cooper

    could well of not sure

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