Decline in native butterflies (Britain)

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    This is a good article worth reading. It needs to be emphasised that even in a poor summer there are always enough sunny interludes for pairing and egg laying. The real reason is destruction of suitable habitat. whether that occurs through development industrial or domestic. Agriculture, or the worst culprits of all the general population who in the UK are totally obsessed with garden tidiness and formality. Every day through from spring to autumn the peace of the country is shattered by lawn mowers and strimmers, be they domestic or industrial. Landscape gardening is a huge industry in the UK. The fact that British insects, birds and general wildlife is in serious decline should come as little surprise to anyone with even half a brain cell to spare. The shocking truth is that the majority really don’t give a damn. They may make the right noises when tackled on there behaviour but that’s only to ease there conscience. It always comes down to the same excuse, someone else must be to blame not me because my garden is small etc etc.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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