Deformed butterfly emerged from chrysalis, unsure what to do.

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    About half an hour ago, my third butterfly of the day (and third ever) emerged from its chrysalis. The first two came out just fine, but I’m concerned about the third one. The third butterfly broke out of its chrysalis about halfway, then did nothing for about 2 hours. I helped it out (carefully), only to discover that it had extremely small wings (compared to the other butterflies), and a large, caterpillar-like abdomen that had a light green area on the bottom. What should I do with this butterfly? It seems to be too fat to move on its own, and it seems that it will never fly because of its tiny wing size.

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    rob cooper

    had that to the other day they dont have long to sort there wings so yea a bugger but think this way the other 2 where fine



    Hi Crimson – there is nothing you can do when this happens. There will always be some that don’t make it – that’s life.

    My opinon? best to euthanase it. Sorry if that’s not what you want to hear.


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