Deformed Monarch

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    I have had two butterflies hatch this week with wings that simply wouldn’t open properly. The first both wings remained quite wrinkled, the butterfly could crawl but not fly. I eventually put it out on a cosmos flower next to a swan plant and let nature take its course. Today another had one wing which wouldn’t open properly but it seemed stronger. Again I put it outside and just hope that it could pump fluid into the still curved wing. I caught a praying mantis devouring a caterpillar on a swan plant and note that the wasps that attack our lovely monarchs are active again. I think I have another chrysallis that might not hatch or may produce another deformed butterfly. Any advice as to how to help these creatures is welcome.

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    sounds a bit like my week … happily some successes and just managed to rescue a newborn from the howling northerly here and bring it in … its ok. This week I had 2 that fell when they e-closed, both I ultimately euthanased after giving them a day or two in the sun on some nectar plants .. when they weakened I made the call. Yesterday I had two whose chrysalis had been too dry .. even though I got to one immediately and took the remaining chrysalis off, its wings are seriously compromised. But those two are strong enough to have some time in a butterfly castle at least. Its all part of the ‘farming’ experience. Amazingly I have had a couple whose wings are pretty naff that did learn to fly after a few days of practice runs. My skills at helping with dodgy wings is limited to trimming some bent bits and I have done that a couple of times too. I try to keep a perspective by keeping records and so far there have been 2 euthanasias from about 200 butterflys, but even so its never easy. The highlight this year has been seeing two who I held little hope for fly away 🙂

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