Difference between giant swan plant a smaller common variety swan plant seed?

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    Rachy babe

    I recently brought some swan plant seed off trademe(the giant swan plant variety) and already had swan plant seeds I had picked off a friends swan plant(but wasn’t sure what type my friends swan plant was), I noticed the two seeds lots look identical, is it highly likely both sets of seeds are giant swan plant seed or is there a difference between the size/look of the seeds from the giant swan plant and the smaller variety most commonly sold(Gomphocarpus fruticosa)? cheers 🙂

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    Rachy babe

    Aww awell! guess it’s just a waiting game then if(when I get them) my caterpillars don’t desimate my plants, thanks



    I haven’t noticed any difference in germinating the seeds. Gomphocarpus fruticosus and G. physocarpus will also hybridise and produce plants with characteristics intermediate between the two.


    Rachy babe

    Thanks yet again for being most helpful :). I’m based in Wellington so I’ll just have to be patient but fingers crossed they are of the giant variety as I have heard they are a bit more difficult to germinate an mine have been very successful(the seeds I picked from friends plant). I heard fruticosa germinates very easily, so I have set up another punnet of seeds in identical conditions as the first punnet to germinate, that are definately the giant variety and if they are way less successful then the first lot that will give me my answer 🙂



    Hello Rach

    It is very difficult to tell the difference in the seeds, and even the plants. I have some young plants here (I bought them) and I would be willing to stake my life on what is Gomphocarpus fruticosus (formerly Asclepias fruticosa) and G. physocarpus (formerly A. physocarpa).

    The easiest way to tell is when you see the fruit (or seed pods) – it is very clear then.




    The swan plant (G. fruticosus), you can definitely imagine the pods look like a swan. The giant swan plant, the pods look like semi-deflated (and hairy) soccer balls!

    The leaves of the swan plant are shaped like willow leaves, whereas the giant plant have thicker, more rounded leaves.

    Sorry I can’t be any more help. Grow the seeds and see what happens.:) Or if you want to come and see the leaves on the plants I have here, and you’re in Auckland, you’re very welcome.

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