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    rob cooper

    it is sad to come to this site you cant even put up a picture you the trust need to get real the world has changed please sort your site i believe people dont post much here it is to hard to post a pic

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    Over the years we were inundated with photographs, many of poor quality (low resolution or out of focus). And many of them were of monarch butterflies all looking much the same, posted by different people on different dates.

    Our policy changed when our hosting company commented how much space our site was taking up. 🙂 and this was at the same time as Facebook and Instagram were growing in popularity for people wanting to share photographs. Even before Facebook and Instagram there were sites such as Flickr where one can upload photos and link to them here.

    If that doesn’t work, people are able to email photos to us.

    The layout and format of our website is currently under review and when funds permit, improvements will be made.



    I think it’s probably worth reviewing the contents of the Photos page. It seems to me that uploading of images direct to the forum pages on this site is deliberately restricted. In my experience, this is usually due to space and bandwidth constraints but can also be driven by a need to control content.

    Keep in mind that anyone can join and post in this forum just by registering a valid email address. Any content posted is immediately available to all members. This can lead to the unintended hosting of material of no relevance to members, and I imagine this forum’s moderators are kept busy removing unwelcome content.

    Anyway, while direct uploading of images may not be possible, there is a process (see the photos policy) and it is possible to post links to other websites where your photo is hosted.



    The second test is less successful. Although the link is attached to the image, it does not render. This is probably a site or WordPress policy limitation, at a guess.

    For a third test, instead of linking the image directly, we can try a link to the page where it’s shared.

    Cindy Gustafson’s “Monarchs on Salvia”



    Here’s another test, this time of an image from Flickr. The image is in the public domain (no known copyright restrictions) and is authored by Cindy Gustafson



    Just testing

    The “img” tag would seem to be the supported approach. This means the photo must already be uploaded to a website. As a test, this is an attempt to use that process with a photo from this website:

    Image 5 of 17 from the gallery https://www.monarch.org.nz/wp-content/gallery/butterflies/



    I am sure it’s a problem that can be sorted out! Jacqui will know how to get this done via the hosting company. I have not tried to post pictures here but most problems can be fixed. Do you post pictures on any other Butterfly related websites?

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