Do caterpillars hide at night?

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    I am raising caterpillars in a mini greenhouse due to usual wasp problem but it gets stinky in there and I needed to make room for new hatchlings and clean it out so tonight I put ten very large ones out on the plant that is about rwo and a half meters high and they were gone two hours later. They haven’t gone off to chrysalise in the usual spot under the fence cross railing so I am am wondering if they have gone somewhere to sleep? I hope so or I wont be putting any more out.
    By the way, no shortage of plants in any nursery. I have been to and all calls for help with food on our Neighbourly website have been sorted out satisfactorily.

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    Hi, my cats are well behaved at night too!. It has been a good season here in Timaru, I have 80 plus at the moment and managed to raise 25 monarchs in the early summer but had to completely cover my plants to keep the wasps from attacking (wasn’t going to let them win though) I could watch them chomping away for ages and they never fail to amaze me.



    Hi Guishan
    I could take your cats but we are miles apart. I live in Devonport and I see you are in Dannemora.



    Hi Smithereen,

    I have plenty of caterpillars and getting a bit frustrated with finding them all over our driveway. Want to take Cats off me???





    Hi Jacqui
    I am in Devonport. I have seen plants for sale in our garden centre and hardware and also in Bunnings and Mitre Ten in Glenfield. There is also a private stand selling plants for donation.
    So you think my caterpillars were taken? This morning I found two, one on the plant and one preparing to hang in the usual place. I wont be putting any more out then.
    I have loads of food if anyone needs it. Seems there are no caterpillars surviving in Devonport as every plant I see is devoid. I just loaned a caterpillar castle to a disappointed neighbour who has raised four indoors in her first attempt at monarchs.



    Whereabouts are you, Smithereen?

    I don’t think monarch caterpillars hide at night, you’ll be disappointed to hear.

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