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    Hi can somebody tell me if there is more than one colour of the dwarf buddleia variety available in NZ. I have only found one of a mauve colour and are not sure that it is even still available. On researching online I have seen some lovely photos of a range of colours grown together. Alas overseas. Are they classified as invasive hence not allowed to be sold in NZ. I would appreciate if somebody could clarify this. Then I can try and get over the fact that I will not be able to grow a mixed selection on dwarf buddleia.

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    Hi Anna

    Would you have any of the smaller varieties available for sale as I have so far been unable to source any besides the yellow globosa which I have propagated myself by cuttings of a stand alone shrub on our farm. I can get some of the mauve davidii which is classed as invasive hence do not want this one.




    Michellelee, I have managed to collect quite a few different colours of Buddleia in NZ. Some grow taller than others, but I find I can keep them fairly compact by nipping out the growing tips when they have a growth spurt in Spring. This makes them bush up, and you get lots more flowers. Then in autumn, they get a really hard prune, down to about a foot and a half high. This keeps them at a maneagable size:)

    You can also grow them successfully in buckets or pots and they stay fairly small. I feed mine a bit of liquid fertilizer, and repot them every couple of years.

    I have been really thrilled with the spring flowering buddleia which is the second one mentioned in the link HShingles posted here. Mine started flowering several months ago, and has been visited daily by heaps of bumblebees/bees/and even Red and Yellow Admirals. Its such a delight to see these all nectaring away:)



    Here in GB,I grow both the purple form and the white form in pots in the flight greenhouse and the butterflies seem to be attracted equally to both.The yellow form does grow a lot higher than the dwarf forms,so I put that in as a cut flower in water.I am pretty sure that that is called B.Weyriana(hope I have got the spelling right!
    Bernie F.




    I have been told that the dwarf white buddleia is not nectar producing hence does not attract the butterflies is this correct thanks



    Whereabouts are you Michelle? What part of the country?



    Thanks Heather
    Will keep an eye out for future sales. I have taken some cuttings of the yellow ball one. I found a single plant on our dry stock property. It looks like it is going to grow. I no this is not dwarf but I am hoping it will take up a corner in my garden that is exposed to the westerly’s. We moved houses 5 months ago and it looks like I may have inherited a dwarf buddleia of some kind that is growing in the garden. It is just forming bud so I will see what colour it is and then try and hunt others down. Watch this space for those of you that have dwarf buddleia plants that you may want to sell to me.



    This is the banned one


    The smallest growing is the white one http://www.liddlewonder.co.nz/schemedetail.php?plantid=720
    hard to find now

    most of the shrubs are 2-3 metres , but can be trimmed quite hard to be kept in control
    They pop up on Trade Me from time to time
    The confusion over the banned ones is why the Garden Centres don’t carry many


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