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    Photo Contest

    Aren’t Monarch caterpillars characters? I love the way that they will find the quaintest places in which to pupate.

    To celebrate this, we’re running a photo contest: Catch a caterpillar making its J in an unusual or inconvenient site and send the photo in. So far we’ve had one on a rubbish bin and one on a gate latch. See the photos on our website and also on our Facebook page.

    Send your entries in to or upload to our Facebook page, There will be a prize for the best one from a school, and another prize for the best one from a gardener. By the way, did you know that pupae pupating in perilous predicaments can be moved – find out how in the forum on our website or in the magazine coming out soon… if you’re a financial member.

    Cool Auction!

    To raise awareness and education (and hopefully some funds) we have two very special auctions of Chrysalis Trees on TradeMe. Each structure has 30-40 pupae on it. Take a look here and here – they’re closing on Saturday. And then PLEASE tell your friends about the auctions – we want EVERYONE in NZ to know about these two auctions and for them to go to a worthy home, like a hospital ward where they can INSPIRE others.

    Aren’t we lucky?

    We have had some fantastic support shown to us by corporates and organisations recently. A big KIA ORA to the ASB Community Trust for funding some of our operational expenses. This is perfect timing, allowing us to take the next steps forward to achieve our marketing plan for 2013-14.

    We would like to say a BIG thank you to Host Accommodation, helping us with the accommodation for our trustees to get together for our Planning Meeting soon in Auckland. Host Accommodation has great motel accommodation around the country, and by staying in their motels you not only get great, friendly service (they’re individually owned) but enjoy their Loyalty Programme: $100 off your 11th night’s stay. Plus free internet/WiFi – all very helpful in this busy holiday season.

    Also to Storage King who have kindly donated space for us to store our paperwork and display materials which had previously been stored here and there thanks to various members. Now all of these items, bannerstands and historical records etc are in one place, clean, secure and dry storage – quite a feat to move the 5 m3 of “stuff” there, thanks to volunteers. Storage King has branches in 25 different parts of NZ, worth investigating if you’re looking for storage or packaging materials.

    Missing Person!

    Are you, or do you know, F M Lyttle? If so, would you please email as we would like to know what was ordered. From time to time emails can go astray and we end up with payments for we know not what…. So if you don’t receive what you wanted within a few weeks of ordering it, please email the Treasurer.

    Ellerslie Flower Show is coming…

    In Christchurch a Monarch display and activities are being organised for the Ellerslie Flower Show (26 February – 2 March.) Helpers are still needed. The show is from 10am until 5pm daily. It’s a great way of meeting locals who share your interest and passion. Volunteers will be rostered on to do three-hour shifts (9.30am-12.30pm, midday-3pm or 2.30pm-5.30pm, and beforehand or after you get to see the show, FREE! Swan plants, nectar flowers, and eggs through to Monarchs will be on show… and you will not be alone on the stand. You will mostly be dealing with children or families, ensuring no animals are harmed (children or Monarchs). You don’t need to have a huge knowledge of Monarch butterflies but passion is more important. If you get asked a question you don’t know, you can get the person to write down their contact details and tell them “we will find out and let you know”.

    Please contact Bruce or 03 3552851 as soon as you can.


    Tagging will commence in February/March. Check out the awesome page which should answer all your questions here. We’d love to have you, your club, your Scout group, your class as part of the team. The more the merrier!

    Special Offers!

    For those of you who have read this far we’re offering you 2014 calendars at a special price, $10 each. Two for $19, and three for $28 in the one envelope. Get in now while there’s a few left. A great gift for your work colleagues for Valentine’s Day… Email the and advise where they should be sent to and how payment is being made.

    Also the draw for the $30 Go Gardening Vouchers will be happening soon, so if you want to join up a friend NOW is the time to do it. Full details here.

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    What a pity you can’t enter Jacqui, that one I’m sure would have won. They really do make their chrysalis in some strange places.



    About the photo contest, we’re getting some great entries. I reckon I’ve got the winner here… except having “organised” the contest I can’t really enter. But what do you think of this story…

    Firstly, there’s a house being built next door and since there’s no stormwater system hooked up this past winter when we’ve had heavy downpours my garden and basement has been flooded – so there is a line of sandbags across my driveway as a temporary solution to divert some of the flow.

    This morning I looked down and saw this butterfly just emerged, hanging on a sandbag! Couldn’t imagine where it had come from as it was so close to the ground. Turned out it had made its chrysalis on one end of the next sandbag – and when it emerged it had somehow moved itself about 30cm away to get enough clearance.


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