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    Hi there, in another post "Early in Christchurch" someone has asked if earwigs will eat eggs/caterpillars. Anyone seen any evidence of this?


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    I have seen earwigs kill large caterpillars and Js.
    (I now remove them in a jar to the local botanic gardens a few kms away).
    I also saw large snails and slugs eat the wings of newly eclosed Monarchs drying their damp wings. (Snails and slugs now get moved to my neighbours property – whose young teen keeps a snail farm).
    I repaired both of their wings with paper face tape and thankfully they both flew away.
    But everything goes after the Monarchs – especially wasps, spiders, mantis, wetas, earwigs, etc!!
    I see millipedes in the gardens too but I don’t know if they harm eggs or caterpillars or Butterflies. I move them to my compost.
    I did see an Assassin Bug (not to be confused with an Assassin Beetle). It was captivating and looked fascinating. However I found out they ‘pack’ both attacking and defending venoms. So I remove them now.
    The Monarchs are defenceless. No claws, no teeth, no sting, no venom……..
    How long will we have them in a world that over uses sprays, with habitat loss etc etc



    I am deeply suspicious of earwigs and remove them if i spot them. A few years ago I found several half eaten caterpillars and hanging ‘J’s over several days. The one suspect in the hothouse was an earwig.

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