egg laying, August 14

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    I saw my first egg-laying monarch on Sunday (August 14), that’s one month earlier than last year and 6 months earlier than the year before when I first started encouraging them! It’s been warm a warm winter here in Thames. Here’s hoping yesterday’s cold snap won’t affect them being able to develop.

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    Wow Norm she has been busy at your place;-)

    We had another female laying on Saturday and Sunday at our place.



    Here in Whakatane I observed my first monarch laying on all the potted milkweeds in my back yard. A total of over 50 eggs after 2 hours, on some 14 plants ,with the air temperature at 16 degrees. So I placed the plants under cover as it looks it could be a frost tonight.



    I’m in Auckland too and this is the first year where there hasn’t been a break at all. I’ve had caterpillars on my plants the entire winter, along with butterflies emerging.

    Very different from 20 years ago when I was a kid. I remember there was a distinct season then – we’d have the last caterpillars in March, and wouldn’t see them again till around September. Times have certainly changed.



    Hi Yvonne,

    In Waitakere City Auckland we have them laying very late and with around a 4 – 6 weeks break in between.
    We had 2 Monarchs laying on our swan plants last weekend and I have since collected these eggs and brought them inside and placed in a container.
    The other eggs we collected around 3 weeks ago have finally hatched and we now have 2 small caterpillars and one caterpillar in its 2nd instar now.
    Certainly an odd season this time.


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